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Let's look at an example from the practice of clients of the network that I manage. We were approached in 2016 by a family living in a three-room apartment in the Belyaevo district. There lived a mother (57 years old), two sons (36 and 30 years old), the wife of the youngest son and a child. The task is to disperse so that the mother and the eldest son settle in a two-room apartment, and the youngest son and his family move to another two-room apartment. Impossible!

Initially, we valued their 75-meter apartment at 14,000,000-15,000,000 rubles. Sat down to talk. The owners immediately noted that there was no surcharge. Then you need to change the area to a simpler one.

In the Northern Butovo area, we examined nine two-room apartments. Two apartments were selected - at a price of 6.500.000 rubles with an area of ​​50 m2 and 7.200.000 rubles with an area of ​​54 m2.

Prepared an apartment in Belyaevo for advertising. As a result, we received an offer from buyers for 14,500,000 rubles. The commission for the sale and selection amounted to 600,000 rubles. Mom used 200,000 rubles to buy a kitchen. And you say: “Impossible!”

Model scheme No. 3: Division of property between owners or between spouses after a divorce.

There are three basic rules for the division of an apartment.

1. Recognizing the right to a share, respect the right of another.

2. The sooner you agree, the more expensive you will sell.

3.Sometimes giving in one, you get more than you think.


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